Yearly maintenance - Engine oil and brake fluid change

Nicely written guides explaining how to do oil change and how to bleed brakes on the Elise can be found at Sands Mechanical Museum.

I use Fuchs ester synthetic engine oil and Motul racing brake fluid which I purchase from Opie Oils.

11.07.2015 - Carbone Lorraine (CL Brakes) RC5+ brake pads

New Carbone Lorraine (CL Brakes) RC5+ front brake pads installed.

19.04.2015 - Odyssey PC680 AGM battery install

After having let the Deka ETX20L battery lose its charge a couple of times it become more or less useless and was only able to hold its charge for 2 days or so. Decided to replace it with a new Odyssey PC680 battery.

29.09.2014 - Wheel bolts

Snapped the wheel bolt key the other day trying to remove the wheels. Apparently, snapping the star drive wheel bolt key has happened to others as well. Luckily, I was able to find a shorter wheel bolt key on eBay and managed to remove the original star torque wheel bolts. Now I have replaced them with proper 7mm hexagon head wheel bolts.

13.04.2014 - Deka ETX20L AGM battery install

Installation of lightweight Deka ETX20L AGM battery and remote battery switch.

24.09.2012 - Lotus Gothenburg

Service at Lotus Gotenburg. Replacement of instrument cluster (under warranty) and engine oil change.

Instrument cluster

The instrument cluster was replaced under warranty. The old cluster suffered from stuck speedometer needle and LCD fade. Apparently the odometer data is stored in the cluster. The old cluster showed ~ 24.000 km, and the replacement starts at 0 km.

The new cluster is a newer MY2011 variant which has a slightly different layout compared to my previous one. The differences are subtle, e.g., permanent clock display.

The procedure to change the clock is as follows:

    1. Turn the ignition key to position II (2).
    2. With the engine off, tap the set button on the steering column until the odometer is displayed.
    3. Press and hold the set button (about 2 seconds) until the clock hours flash. Then tap the button to advance the hours (note that time is in 24-hour format).
    4. Press and hold the set button until the minutes flash. Then tap the button to advance the minutes.
    5. Press and hold the set button until the clock reverts to normal display.

Engine oil

Only the best engine oil for my Elise. The Fuchs Titan Pro S 10W-50 is an ester synthetic high performance engine oil that is highly recommended on several forums for track day use.